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This model has a U-shaped medium vamp, a medium platform with a drawstring. It is based on the original  Grishko-2007  last. It has an elegant box shape, longer flexible wings and a balancedplatform. The heel is 5 mm lower than is «Grishko-2007» model. New glue provides lightness and durability.

 They have no analogs worldwide and are able to fulfill the dearest desires of a ballet dancer: movement as light as a feather, without fatigue, enabling you to reach a peak performance.

 The Miracle are the smart shoes which think instead of you: they protect, give a feeling of comfort, adapt to the foot shape, facilitate movement, making the audience your devoted admirers!

 This model has its own special shanks: LM (Light Medium), LH (Light Hard).Miracle has an ideal box form, lengthened elastic wings, stable pointe platform, U-shaped medium vamp. The heel is 5 mm lower than in Grishko 2007.  New glue provides lightness and durability. 

 These shoes are suitable for all kind of feet except dancers with high arches who are working in SH shank. It is recommended for dancers working in standard Grishko-2007 shanks S, M, H.

 You may choose one of the five widths: X, XX, XXX, XXXX, XXXXX according to the width of your foot. Two special shanks: LM and LH. The shoes can be ordered with a cotton drawstring or without it. We also accept custom orders for pointe shoes in canvas (instead of satin).